Thank you to everyone who prayed and contributed to this trip! God moved in powerful ways and brought great revelation and freedom to both me and the students! For the full report please check out my latest update Into the fire.

God Bless!!


I am so excited!! My trip is fully paid off!! I’m going to India!! Thank you so so much to everyone that was able to give financially and thank you to all the people who expressed that they want to be praying for me as I go. I feel so loved at the huge response to this! Sometimes it can feel like I’m a bit alone just sending letters out and not getting any responses but I have felt so loved and so blessed by everyone getting behind me for this trip!

– Pete


I’m getting really excited now! 80% of my trip is already covered and I haven’t even left for the States yet! Thank you to everyone who’s helped me so far! I need only $600 now and I’m on my way! If you want to receive updates from me and pray for me please let me know because that is the end goal of this whole 60 for 50; to have a big community of people supporting me rather than just a few. Lots of love – Pete


I am so overwhelmed at how many people are getting behind me for this! It’s so encouraging! I’m very happy to report that I now have $2050 out of the $3000 I need for this trip! FUN FACT It’s exactly 19 days until I leave for India and I only need 19 more people to help me! Happy and reassured again and again by people saying they’ll be praying for me and just so encouraged by everyone saying that they think this is a great idea and will be a great experience for me. If you haven’t yet, please consider being one of my 60 for 50.


Thank you to everyone that has chipped in so far! Its only just over 3 weeks until I fly to India and a third of the money has come in!! How good is that!? I’m excited to go and I’m working hard on my talk. I am learning a tremendous amount about Submission to Authority and its starting to invade everything I do haha! I can’t wait to share with my dear friends over in India!

The backstory

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of the base leaders my team and I stayed with in India and they asked me if I would consider coming and speaking on the DTS there as their first international speaker! I asked what dates they wanted me for and it ended up being the ONLY dates in this entire year I would be free to do it!! As I arrive in the US August 10 for a friend’s wedding and BSSM starts on September 8 I really could only come in the week of August 25-29 as I need time to get settled into my accommodation in Redding. This small base is brand new and my team was the first international team to even stay there! As a result of that I was told they wouldn’t be able to fund my flights etc and I would have to come up with that myself.  After a few days in prayer over the matter and discussing it with my family and a few friends I accepted the invitation! I will be flying from the US to India, teaching all week and then flying back to the US to start BSSM the following week. Busy? Yes. Do I have peace about it? Yes.

Speaking on a DTS involves preparing around 15-20 hours of material on a particular topic and I will be teaching the students over that week about a biblical view on submission to authority. It is a lot of material to prepare and I will be fitting in preparing for this as well as working as much as I can with the AV companies.

I do not believe that just because the base can not fund this trip does not mean that God does not have something important to say to these students through me. I have decided to take a step of faith and raise the money needed for the trip over there bringing about the birth of 60 for 50.

For more on what I’m up to in the next few months have a read of A New Season.

What is 60 for 50?

60 for 50 is my little fund raising idea. After carefully evaluating the costs of the entire trip: flights, transfers, accommodation etc the whole thing comes to almost exactly $3000. How then to partner with people in such a way that I am raising a team of people who will pray for me and these students and make it easy to fund this trip? The most important thing, and I really mean this, is for you to partner with me in prayer. When you pray it is powerful. I am looking for people to partner with me as a prayer network for this trip and for the future.

I’m also in need of 60 people to partner with me for $50 each. If you would like you can of course give more but reason I have made it 60 for 50 instead of 30 for 100 is because I want to give as many people as possible the chance to partner with me and at the same time make it as affordable as possible to do so.

Make sure you come back!

This page will be updated regularly with progress on how much has been raised along with any additional information that pops up.