The main point of this is to keep you updated with what I’m doing. I’ll be posting updates on a monthly(ish) basis with a few stories from what I’m doing and what God’s doing. I’ll have a few photos to make it more interesting too!


The latest song that’s caught my attention…

And a short blurb on why

This is my favourite song off Kari Jobe’s latest album The Garden. I love everything about this song. The production, the lyrics, her voice, everything.

The song starts out beautifully low with just the synth and the pad behind it. The drums are tasty and sound very current. Even when the first verse starts it’s just a vocal layer over the top, subtle but fantastic. The first chorus has this awesome arpeggiator and the percussion drops out to both build and also drop the ‘intensity’ for the first time around. A great technique to be able to easily build the second chorus. The dropout at the end of the first chorus creates some great expectation for verse two and that vocal reverb is just sublime!

Second verse has a great synth bass that really drives the song along and our drums are back with a great build from the first verse but it also feels slightly smaller than the chorus which is brilliant, mostly due to the deliberate lack of higher notes which are brought in later in the verse to build it. The second chorus brings in the full spectrum of instruments and Cody’s harmony, you will notice that his voice is mixed really subtly into the mix, enough for you to hear it but not enough to feature it, this leaves room for a final bigger vocal sound to really make the final choruses pop. Kari’s voice just soars beautifully in this chorus… wow!

The song drops right down at the start of the bridge allowing the song to have some great dynamics and also to add another instrument in beautifully for the final choruses. The repeating, “fall in this place” is something that it’s hard to only sing a few times! The final choruses are big and beautiful. Everything is in now, Cody’s harmony is big and bold and Kari’s layered vocals just wash over each other with perfection. My favourite little arpeggiator is back and the whole sound is beautifully textured with all the different layers. The reverb is just staggeringly good throughout this song, whoever dialled that puppy in should be very pleased with themselves!

This whole song is an invitation, a prayer for God to tangibly be near us and also a love song back to Him, an overflow of someone whose life is completely sold out for Jesus. ” Jesus, all my heart belongs to you, Jesus ever heartbeat longs for you, Oh lover of my soul, hold me in your arms forever , it’s you and you alone, burning in my heart” This song echoes the cry of my own heart and I think that’s one of the reason’s it’s my favourite song this month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Wow that was really long! Haha… Sorry!



I was born in rural Victoria but grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

I am a…

Passionate follower of Jesus


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I am currently attending my Third Year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, (BSSM) interning for
Theresa Dedmon



My aim here is to be able to keep you updated with whatever I’m doing, from wherever I am. I want to keep you in the loop as to things God is doing in my life and also showing you what He’s doing through me. I’ll be posting something up on average once a month but we’ll see how I go.

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