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Firstly, sorry this update took so long to come,

Secondly, the past few weeks have been incredible! We have 19 girls and 5 guys and they are all incredible people! Getting to know them has been such a joy and I’ve had the privilege of being able to hang out with them and learn about their lives and what they want from this course. There is some serious talent amongst our students, both in photography but also in music and illustration and a few other mediums. I’m even learning how to take good pictures and I’ll be introducing a new page on my website soon for my photos. So stay tuned! Also I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but on my home page theres always a song that’s captured my attention recently and its my little audio nerd out place.

We’ve had lectures about Hearing The Voice of God, Freedom in Christ and the Character and Nature of God. Each week has brought new freedom and brought both the staff and the students into a closer relationship with God. Its been so encouraging to see them pressing into God. The other day we had a huge worship time during our first corporate week (where all the DTSs’ come together) and I went crowd surfing and it was AMAZING!! So much fun! We’ve also had some cool media projects and I’m actually learning how to take really good photos and also learning a bit of video.

Outreach has been the thing on everyone’s mind since they turned up and I can now happily announce that I’m going to be leading a team to Panama together with my co-leader Fernanda (Fe)!! I’m so excited to go there and God was so specific and clear that I should go there that I can not wait to see what He has in store for the students there!

On a personal note I’ve been asked to do a lot of different things after this DTS and have been praying intently as to what I’m supposed to do. There have been several times throughout my life that I’ve felt called to missions but never so strongly as now. I was worshiping one night at our Thursday night meeting and while we were singing and just felt the call so strongly that I just walked off to the side and told God that if that’s what He wanted me to do then I’d do it with all my heart. I’ve been asked to stay on here in Kona and I’m really feeling like this is something I should do. I’d really ask you to pray for me as I consider staying on straight after this DTS finishes.

I’ve also been asked to do some lighting in our large multipurpose space; the Ohana Court. It serves as a place for base wide meetings, worship times as a basketball court and a few other uses. The thing is though that there is very basic lighting there and I’ve been asked to make it all look a little bit better. I went and had a look at the space just trying to figure out how I would do it and the more I tried to work it out on my own, the more frustrated I became. I was standing in the middle of the court and just said “God I can’t figure this out, show me your idea” and straight away I just saw a vision of what the stage could look like! I can’t wait to start on this because it’s going to look so good! The best bit about it too is that it’s not gonna cost a whole lot!

I guess in closing I’d just like to impress upon you how much I’m loving being here. Its tiring and its hard but its so rewarding. God is really moulding me into a Godly leader but its hard work. Theres a lot of things in my life that need some work but its also so so encouraging!


PRAYER – for if you’re the praying type…


Answered Prayer

  • Booklet was finished on time and we got a huge discount from the printer. #favor
  • Students are here and they’re all really cool people!

Prayer Points

  • That God would continue to work on me so that I continue to grow in my knowledge of Him and so that I can pour into these students how much He indescribably loves them.
  • Panama:
    • Fe, my co-leader.
    • Our team Allie, Rachel-Joy, Sammi, JoJo, Sarah, Wes and Dan.
    • Pray God would give us a heart for Panama and its people.
    • Pray for divine appointments and for the people we will minister to.
  •   Guidance for what I’m to do next; for confirmation.


God bless you!

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