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    My Dorm rooms – Building 4 (With me in the foreground)

  • Team PanamaTeam Panama – LOVE THESE PEOPLE!
    Sarah – Wes – Fe – Allie – Me – Sam – Rachel Joy – Dan – JoJo

Its interesting how fast time seems to go when you’re busy. In between planning outreach, learning video editing software, doing a little teaching on sound, general staff responsibilities, learning photography, playing for some worship times and various other things, oh and eating, spending time with God and sleeping, one tends to lose track of the passing of time!

Having said all that everything is going really well here. We’ve had some fantastic teaching in the past few weeks and its so encouraging to see the students really engaging and seeking God. We’ve been able to start spending some really good time in our outreach groups getting to know each other better and doing various projects, learning strengths and weaknesses. The photo at the top of the page shows us all together for our team photo. I can’t wait to go to Panama with these guys and girls.

The more I find out about what we can do when we’re over there, the more excited I get. I’ll let you all know details later as they become clearer but suffice for now to say that we are going to have a huge impact as the base in Panama where we’re going is really excited that we’re coming. The base director over there, David, emailed me recently and said “I can’t tell you how strategic it is that you come during the time that you are. It is definitely a testimony to the provision of the Lord.”

Something that I have given much prayer and thought to is what my next step should be after this DTS. After praying about each of the options I’ve decided to accept an offer to staff the next DTS starting a week after this one finishes. It will be with Voice for the Voiceless which is what photogenX is morphing into. Voice for the Voiceless (V4V) is a very media focused ministry with a view to targeting issues of injustice around the world. While my heart always has and always will be primarily for worship, God’s really been showing me that this is a season of my life to learn Godly leadership in something that isn’t my area of expertise and honestly I’m so excited to see what I can do with V4V. I’ve already had the opportunity to make the soundtrack to the latest V4V promo video and I’ll link you all up to that after it is uploaded, so I’ve already been able to use my musical talents where I am!

This of course means that I’ll be staying on at the University of the Nations to fulfil a two year commitment to them which means that I’ll have to start raising monthly support in order to stay and do what I believe is the calling over my life; to be someone who invites the presence of God to come powerfully wherever I am to bring glory to Him in everything I do and to help others to do the same. So thats been something that’s been in the pipeline for a while and it feels great to tell you all about it!

My main focus right now is outreach. Planning as much as possible but also preparing the team for what we’ll be doing there. One of the projects we have we can start here in Kona before we fly out and it’s to do with raising awareness on the sex trafficking in Panama so we’re all looking forward to starting that project. Meeting with the team and hanging out and starting to do life with them has been great fun too. We leave for Panama on 1 July so its all starting to become fairly real. We still need some money to come in before we can all go on outreach so yeah just pray for that too so that no one gets left behind. If you’re keen on contributing towards that definitely email me and I’ll let you know how you can donate.

I’d like to say how much of a blessing it is for me to know that there are people who are following what I’m doing over here, I’ve really been feeling so blessed that so many people have been sending me emails encouraging me. I really appreciate them. God’s been doing so much in my life and I’m just loving spending time in His presence, just worshiping Jesus for who he is and receiving new revelations of who He is and how much I’m loved. I’ve been asked to mix the Circuit Riders band next week for our second corporate lecture week (all the DTSs together) and I want to do my best so please pray for that too.

Lastly check out this video some of my students did about a guy called Gille. I hope you’re inspired to go out and not treat anyone differently just because they’re not the same as you.

PRAYER – for if you’re the praying type…


Answered Prayer

  • Direction in knowing to staff the September school.
  • Financial provision so far.

Prayer Points

  • That God would continue to work on me so that I continue to grow in my knowledge of Him and so that I can pour into these students how much He indescribably loves them.
  • Panama:
    • Fe, my co-leader.
    • Our team Allie, Rachel-Joy, Sammi, JoJo, Sarah, Wes and Dan.
    • Pray God would continue to give us a heart for Panama and its people.
    • Pray for divine appointments and for the people we will minister to.
  • Monthly supporters that want to join in with the work God is doing through my life and ministry.
  • The last bit of money to come in for Panama so that everyone can go!


God bless you!

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